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007 Chat has been providing free online chat rooms since 2006. We have some of the largest chat rooms available on the web for adults and teens and only offer high quality free chat rooms.

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Online Free Adult Chat Rooms. Our adult chat rooms are for age groups 18+ and in some cases 21. This is our largest chat room on the server peaking over 300 at certain times of the day. Connect with adults from all around the world in our free adult chat, no payment or subscriptions, registration isn't even necessary. Just type in your nickname and connect to the adult chat.
Online Free Teen Chat Rooms. Our teen chat rooms support the age group 16 to 19 only, here you will be able to chat with teens from around the world. Enjoy a free teen chat with other teens who share the same interests as you. Our teen chat room like the other free chat rooms are moderated by both human and bots. You can fill your Myspace and Facebook lists with the friends you meet here.
Online We call this chat room the Cafe. This is a general chat room for age groups 16+ to chat with other members about any random subject that comes to mind (as long as it's legal and clean!). Have an interesting chat with other members in our free online chat room supporting most topics. One of our more larger general chat rooms but we also have smaller chat rooms with less users.
Online Free Bisexual Chat Rooms. In this chat room we welcome Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Bi Curious chatters. Chat in a room full of members looking for a clean chat with other memebrs of the same interests and walks of life. You will find alot of interesting members in this chat room from around the world around the clock. This chat room is specifically for users aged 16+ and is moderated.
Online Free Singles Chat Rooms. This is our adult single chat room for users who are aged 18+ or in somecases 21. Chat to singles from all over the world for free, no subscriptions, no long registration process just enter your nickname click connect and start chatting to interesting singles from the UK, USA and AUS and other english speaking countries. Enjoy a free chat with single chatters.
Free Online Dating Chat Rooms. Online dating made easy, just a simple chat room full of other 18+ members interested in online dating. There is no long and horrible registration process, there is no subscription fees to chat in our chat rooms takes all of 10 seconds. Our dating chat rooms is a great place to hook up with other adults from around the world.

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